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Results in OLYMPIADS 2012-13

RIITians Excel in National Standard Examinations (NSE) Stage-1 of International Olympiads, International Olympiad of Mathematics (iOM), International Olympiad of Science (iOS), SOF International Mathematics Olympiad, SOF National Science Olympaid, SOF National Cyber Olympiad

Sr. Olympiad Student Name
1 National Standard Examination (Physics) Arna Ghosh
2 National Standard Examination (Physics) Ali Salim Parkar
3 National Standard Examination (Physics) Paritosh Borkar
4 National Standard Examination (Physics) Meha Thaker
5 National Standard Examination (Chemistry) Harsh Jaggad
6 National Standard Examination (Chemistry) Meha Thaker
7 National Standard Examination (Junior Science) Rajan Rajvansh
8 National Standard Examination (Junior Science) Pranjali Rai
9 National Standard Examination (Astronomy) Arna Ghosh
10 National Standard Examination (Astronomy) Rohit Koshi
11 National Standard Examination (Biology) Shital Srivastava
12 SOF National Science Olympiad Samik V. Sawant
13 SOF National Science Olympiad Amartya Bhattacharyya
14 SOF National Science Olympiad Roshanlal Behera
15 SOF National Science Olympiad Huzaifa Kothari
16 SOF National Science Olympiad Soumditya Kar
17 SOF International Mathematics Olympiad Deep Vinit Parikh
18 SOF International Mathematics Olympiad Aarushi Ilesh Sanghani
19 International Olympiad of Mathematics (iOM) Manan Shah
20 International Olympiad of Mathematics (iOM) Rohit Kumar
21 International Olympiad of Mathematics (iOM) Kartikeya Lakhanpal
22 International Olympiad of Mathematics (iOM) Rohit Koshy
23 International Olympiad of Mathematics (iOM) Shreyas Mundhra
24 International Olympiad of Mathematics (iOM) Meha Thaker
25 International Olympiad of Mathematics (iOM) Charvi Jain
26 International Olympiad of Mathematics (iOM) Aditi Kaushik
27 International Olympiad of Science (iOS) Michelle Veteker
28 International Olympiad of Science (iOS) Keshvi Srivastva
29 International Olympiad of Science (iOS) Manoj Bhatt
30 International Olympiad of Science (iOS) Parth Dakshini
31 International Olympiad of Science (iOS) Akash Singh
32 International Olympiad of Science (iOS) Sai Krishna Rancha
33 International Olympiad of Science (iOS) Bhawesh Joshi
34 International Olympiad of Science (iOS) Nishant Bhingude
35 International Olympiad of Science (iOS) Bharat Garewal
36 International Olympiad of Science (iOS) Sagnik Chakraboty
37 International Olympiad of Science (iOS) Sheetal Srivastava
38 International Olympiad of Science (iOS) Arshdeep Sood
39 International Olympiad of Science (iOS) Ankita Jain
40 International Olympiad of Science (iOS) Rohit Kumar
41 International Olympiad of Science (iOS) Rohit Koshy
42 International Olympiad of Science (iOS) Meha Thaker
43 International Olympiad of Science (iOS) Charvi Jain
44 International Olympiad of Science (iOS) Aditi Kaushik
45 SOF International Mathematics Olympiad Harshvardhan T.
46 SOF International Mathematics Olympiad Mohit Pokharna
47 SOF International Mathematics Olympiad Samik Sawant
48 SOF National Cyber Olympiad Avinash Venkatesh
49 SOF National Cyber Olympiad Aakash Dhongade
50 SOF National Cyber Olympiad Aditya Munot
What Winners Say
Animesh Baranwal - AIR 78 IIT-JEE 2013,(PD) AIR 1
Rao IIT Academy helped me in my JEE Advanced and JEE Mains preparation.The tests are particularly beneficial and give very good questions,sharpening the concepts and increasing the knowledge at the same time,with devotion and passion,Rao IIT Academy will definitely help one in achieving his/her IIT dreams.
Kshitiz Bansal - AIR 88 IIT-JEE 2013
Rao IIT Academy helped me in getting what I dreamed of -'IIT' of course with a nice Rank. Teachers here are quite diligent and above all very inspiring and supportive. Their guidance methodology is very nice.Tests which are conducted here are a lot focused on what really is a part of JEE exam,Being apart of this institute was an amazing experience for me.
Amit Malav - Air 87 , (OBC)- Air-10 , State Rank-1, IIT-JEE 2013
I received a lot of help from the faculties apart from their study material and Test Papers.And for this ,I am very much thankful to the Rao IIT Academy Faculties and Vinay Sir(CEO ,Rao IIT Academy).I would strongly suggest the students to join this institute as it is a very good institute for students appearing for JEE Advanced.
Saras Chaudhari - Air 41 IIT-JEE 2013
I found the course materials and test papers very beneficial . They provide me an extra boost from my regular JEE preparation.Topica were covered thoroughly and the large variety of problems helped me get acquainted with the problems that appeared in my JEE Advanced paper.I would like to thank Rao IIT Academy for helping me throughout my preparation and guiding towards my success.
Abhishek Tajbije - AIR 56 IIT-JEE 2013
Rao IIT Academy is one of the best institute for IIT coaching. The faculty of the institute is so good and excellent in coaching.The material has proven best for me personally.Their capacity to make student hard work consistently is the key of the academy's success.
Amit Kumar Meena - AIR 70 IIT-JEE 2013
I own my success to Rao IIT Academy. I feel that joining Rao IIT Academy for 2 years classroom program ws my first step towards my success in IIT.The faculty of Rao IIT Academy was very helpful , they also help in doubts and they also take doubts lecture so that student can clear their doubts.As a student of Rao IIT Academy I feel proud that is was getting knowledge from the best faculty.
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