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Aman Kansal : AIR-15 JEE Advanced-2017
I, Aman Kansal would like to thank Rao IIT Academy for their whole hearted support and all the efforts they had put in the 2 years preparation for JEE Advanced and which finally helped me to fulfil my dreams and achieve AIR -15 . The teachers were always willing to help me in clearing all my doubts, queries and concerns.My special thanks goes to Vinay Sir, Yamini Mam and Rao Sir who were always there to motivate and encourage me whenever i needed their guidance and help.I am grateful for the trust they showed in me which really proved to be a big boost of my 2 yrs journey.

Abhay Goyal : AIR-23 JEE Advanced-2017 / AIR-12 JEE Main 2017
My self Abhay Goyal rank 23 in JEE Advanced 2017. First of all I take this opportunity to thank god and my family. I owe a big thank you to Rao IIT Academy as it has been a stepping stone in my 2 years journey of preparation for my studies. My faculty members were extremely helpful and guided me throughout these years. They were always available round the clock to clear my doubts and concepts. The management staff of Rao IIT were very concerned and helped me whenever I asked them to arrange for extra doubt lectures. I am thankful to Vinay Sir, as he always motivated me and guided me to achieve my target. He was accessible for me whenever i needed his support and guidance. The online support was an extraordinary highlight of my studies. The All India test series and video lectures not only helped me to secure good rank in JEE Mains and Advanced but also enhanced my knowledge in Physics, Chemistry and Maths.

Chitrank Gupta : AIR-52 JEE Advanced-2017
I Chitrank Gupta, had now made a unique position under 100 in JEE Advanced and the credit is well deserved by the whole Rao Academy Team and also by my parents, without whose support, I would not have been here. This journey to success began with my admission into Rao IIT Academy wherein I was really impressed by what and how teachers used to teach in class and how concisely did they put everything of JEE syllabus and in a very simple way presented before us. In the class, I saw a fiever competition around me that ignited within me the urge of securing a decent rank in JEE Advanced. Though initially the performance of mine was not that excellent but even though the Rao faculty saw within me a tough competitor for JEE. All because of their persistent motivation, was how I started becoming confident over my preparation. And this all goes incomplete without complementing the study material and the question banks that went along my preparation and what to say about them – they were just superb, containing all type of questions from simple to very difficult and from conceptual to calculative, whole lot of which gave me a sufficient practice of JEE questions that no other book or study material can be compared with. The right track of my preparation level was judged by the tests conducted here, those analysis helped me in overcoming my previous mistakes and never repeat them. At last my sincere advice to all my fellow juniors to have a complete faith in Rao IIT Academy and lastly Best of Luck to you all.

Arjit Jain : AIR-53 JEE Advanced-2017
Hi, I am Arjit Jain. My father works as a technical officer in DGQA organization under Ministry of Defence. I have secured AIR 53 in JEE Advanced 2017, AIR 186 in JEE Mains 2017 and Qualified Physics & Chemistry olympiads & KVPY. I am a student of two year integrated classroom programme of Rao IIT. I was offered a scholarship from Rao IIT after qualifying in Maharashtra’s Best Student Contest (MBSC) conducted by them. In a couple of months, I was promoted to an elite batch called the super zenith. I faced tough competition here which motivated to work harder to pursue my dreams. Here, I also had the privilage to learn Organic Chemistry from Dr. B.V. Rao Sir and Yamini Mam. The teachers at Rao IIT are experts in the subjects they teach and very approachable. All of us were given individual attention and practive, based on our performance. The booklets and study material provided by Rao IIT is very detailed and helpful. The regular practise tests & surprise tests helped me track and gauge my performance. The admin team was very supportive in conducting special doubt clearing sessions as per my convenience. I would like to dedicate my success only to Rao IIT Academy and no other coaching class in India. I would highly recommend Rao IIT Academy to every JEE aspirant.

Arushi Jain : AIR-78 AIIMS-2017 / AIR-79 NEET-2017
I Arushi Jain (AIR 78 AIIMS / AIR 79 NEET) would like to thank Rao IIT academy for their constant support and guidance for my AIIMS preparation. My sincere thanks goes to Rao Sir, Vinay Sir and Yamini mam for the trust they showed in me. Their constant support and guidance made my two years full of motivation. As far as the faculty is concerned, they were always ready to take any query or doubt regarding any topic- that I had. The study material was exhaustive, covering every types of questions & topics chapterwise for my study. The test papers were very beneficial. The proper guidance and kind co-operation of Rao IIT Academy were helpful throughout my study. Rao IIT Academy can definitely help all medical aspirants to achieve their dream of becoming doctors.

Kishlay Kishan: AIR-166 AIIMS-2017
Hi, I, Kishlay Kishan, a student of RAO IIT Academy, Kota whole -heartedly give the credit of may rank to Dr. Rao and his amazing institute, through classroom programme & further distance learning programme, I got a lot of benefit from this institute co-operative and brilliant teachers always motivated me to strive towards the goal of securing as good a rank as I could in the medical UG entrance exam. If you are passionate about your dreams of getting into Medical college and need proper guidance, I’d recommend you to join Rao IIT cum Medical Coaching.

Nitin Divakar: AIR-884 JEE Advanced-2017
Hi, I am Nitin Diwakar. I have secured AIR 884 in JEE Advanced 2017, AIR 4267 in JEE Mains 2017 and I scored 345 out of 450 in BITSAT exam. My father is an auto driver. It was not possible for him to afford me a good coaching classes for JEE Mains and Advanced. At that time Rao IIT Academy gave me a huge support by giving me totally free coaching for JEE Mains & Advanced. Rao IIT Academy also gave me hostel facilities because it was difficult for me to study in a small house situated in a busy chawl. All the teachers of Academy were excellent in their field. They taught me very well and prepared me for competative examinations. They clear the daughts very patiently. They take individual care of students and help us to overcome out weak fields. The materials provided by Academy were wonderful. The questions in the booklets were very helpful for preparation. Tests were taken frequently and were very helpful. I will give the credit of my success to my excellent teachers, management of Rao IIT Academy & family support. I would recommend JEE aspirants to join Rao IIT Academy as this is one of the best coaching classes.

Revathi Vijayaraghavan: Marks(187/200) MHT-CET 2017
I am Revathi Vijayaraghavan. I scored 187 /200 marks in MHT-CET 2017 and I am the Maharashtra topper in girls category. I joined the two year integrated classroom program in Rao IIT Academy, Sion Branch. The integrated classroom program helped me to save a lot of time for self-studies. The facilities of Rao IIT Academy have been really supportive and have guided me throughout my preparation. They always cleared my doubts and motivated me to do better. Their help and support encouraged me to improve myself and stay motivated. The study material provided at Rao IIT was really helpful and helped me to improve my concepts. I’d like to thank the Rao IIT admin staff who catered to my needs and scheduled lectures, adjusting to the college timings. Joining Rao IIT Academy was the best decision my of parents made for my academics. My heartful gratitude to Rao IIT Academy who helped me to achieve my goals. I’d like to reccommeded Rao IIT Academy for all JEE Mains, JEE-Advanced and CET aspirants.

Rama Mahidhar Reddy : AIR-28 JEE Advanced-2016
I, K. Rama Mahidhar Reddy, student of Rao IIT Academy's intensive program, which is segregation of toppers. Here teaching is so good. This kind of special batch is very useful for better improvement in academics. I suggest all JEE aspirants to join this program.

Sahasrajit Sarmasarkar: AIR-98 JEE Advanced-2016
I, Sahasrajit Sarmasarkar, a two year classroom student of Rao IIT, would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Rao IIT Academy for their support, guidance and inspiration during my preparation. Their excellent faculties have motivated me to appear for IIT examination and guided me towards excellence. The test conducted by Rao IIT during my preparation have helped me to secure AIR 98 in JEE Advanced 2016.